Spanish hospital conducts first clinical training in the metaverse


Now sanitary training also has its place in the  metaverse ; La Paz, one of Madrid's leading hospitals, has taken a bold step into the future al  organize the first course  for healthcare professionals from critical areas in the metaverse.


It consists of a three-dimensional virtual environment that is accessed through special devices such as mobile phones, computers or virtual or augmented reality glasses.


This metaverse represents a digital universe beyond what we know, where users have the ability to interact with each other, work, play, study, and perform economic transactions, among other activities, in a decentralized environment. .


The La Paz University Hospital is committed to the metaverse

The Hospital Universitario La Paz has become the host of this innovative event, called SIMUVAD 2023: VII Course on clinical simulation in airway management, which brings together more than 300 people both in Madrid and in the metaverse.


This international meeting, focused on anesthesia, has been organized by the Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy service of La Paz with the aim of updating the knowledge of health professionals from various specialties, including Anesthesia, Intensive Medicine, Emergencies, Cardiology and Nursing.

Hospital Spain Metaverse
La Paz University Hospital. Source:  Wikipedia Commons.

Of the total number of participants, 182 are physically present, while another 130 attend virtually. In this way, the metaverse contributes to enhance the training of professionals in different areas of health.


In this edition, online learning has been opted for, using the latest 3D technologies to teach new skills and techniques in the field of anesthesia. This specialty requires constant training to improve the  safety  of patients and reduce the rate of disease-related morbidity and mortality in a given population and time period.


To carry out this event, a virtual La Paz Hospital has been created within the metaverse, which replicates the rooms and spaces of the real center, allowing participants to enjoy immersive clinical experiences. Innovative virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies have been fully exploited to provide an enriching educational experience.


New Training Opportunities in the Metaverse

The organization of this international course has had the collaboration of Ole Digital Solutions, in charge of the design and development of the virtual space. On the other hand, the Advanced Simulation Center of the Health Research Institute of the Hospital La Paz-IdiPAZ has offered its structural support to this technological challenge, contributing its experience and human resources.


Within the metaverse, SIMUVAD 2023 has a main room where registered professionals are received. In addition, they are guided through information panels to the various rooms of the virtual La Paz Hospital .


The course is offered in real time, with videoconference broadcasts of lectures and demonstrations of different intubation and ventilation techniques. In addition, live intubations are carried out with simultaneous discussions from the classroom Professor Ortiz Vázquez.


In addition, participants have the opportunity to attend practical workshops at the Advanced Simulation Center. They will be able to use a virtual library where they can consult and download relevant bibliography. There is also a commercial area with exhibitors available to visit.


This pioneering course in the metaverse organized by Hospital La Paz seeks to offer health professionals a unique and cutting-edge experience. Through the latest technologies, learning is promoted in a three-dimensional virtual environment. This learning replicates the actual installations and provides opportunities for interaction and continuous training.


This initiative demonstrates the transformative potential of virtual environments in the field of medical education and the improvement of health care. It is worth mentioning that the metaverse seems to play  an increasingly relevant role  in the Spanish health system.

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