NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (10–17 Feb)


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Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: Planet COCO

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Feb 10

Mint Price: 0.018 ETH (Supply 5555)

Twitter Followers: 56.4K

Discord Members: 30.7K


Why did we pick it?

Planet COCO is an NFT project that stands out among others for its focus on art, creativity, and fashion culture.


It was co-founded by South Korean artist DazedKim and brand director Coldy, who bring their passion and expertise to the project. 


The team behind Planet COCO is a diverse group of talented individuals from around the world.


What sets Planet COCO apart is its mission to serve as a platform for creative minds to connect and share their unique concepts. The project is designed to be a hub for the creative soul, and the team’s dedication to this mission is evident in their carefully hand-picked roster of talented individuals.


Planet COCO offers a fresh and unique perspective on the NFT space. 


Its focus on art, creativity, and fashion culture sets it apart from other projects and makes it a project worth keeping an eye on. 


Whether you’re an investor, collector, or just a fan of the creative arts, Planet COCO is definitely a project that should be on your radar for this week.




Project Name: Squirrel Degens

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Feb 11

Mint Price: 0.24 ETH (Supply 7850)

Twitter Followers: 23.5K

Discord Members: 1.6K


Why did we pick it?

Squirrel Degens is a type of project that could make waves in the NFT space. 


This project is backed by the Swiss government and FHNW, one of the world’s leading universities for technology research. 


The project aims to revolutionize the way people book hotel rooms after midnight through its hotel booking app, latespot. The app allows users to book a room after midnight at a reduced price, helping hotels to fill any remaining rooms and increase profits.


One of the standout features of Squirrel Degens is its use of blockchain technology and NFTs as upgradable and tradable digital user identities that are fully owned by the end user. 


This helps to redesign the application in a fairer and more user-centric way.


Each Squirrel Degens NFT acts as a non-fungible and tradable user identity, providing holders with access to a range of real-life benefits. 


From exclusive communities and processes for entrepreneurs, to airdrops of new NFTs and in-app benefits in latespot, there is something for everyone.


Moreover, the Squirrel Degens NFTs can be actively staked through the latespot website, with the longer the NFT is staked, the better the Latespot Founding Membership Pass the holder will receive. 


There are three founding member passes on offer — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — which are directly linked to the Squirrel Degens NFT as NFT levels and enhance the benefits of the NFT.


Squirrel Degens combines the benefits of blockchain technology and NFTs with real-life benefits, making it a must-consider project for NFT enthusiasts this week.




Project Name: SUNDAYZOO

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Feb 13

Mint Price: TBA (Supply 3333)

Twitter Followers: 48.4K

Discord Members: 11.9K


Why did we pick it?

SUNDAYZOO is another NFT project that can see attention this week for its creative and fun-filled approach to the world of NFTs. 


The project is initiated by Sam Lee and POP SUNDAY and is a metaverse paradise that brings together different personalities in the form of NFT characters. 


The project is co-founded by multi-media crossover artist Sam Lee, also known as DJ Becareful, along with several senior and influential artists and creators.


Sam Lee aims to build a world of pop culture through the launch of different categories of NFTs, gathering trendy art lovers and creating virtual and physical works together. 


The SUNDAYZOO project has also collaborated with the trendy brand Subcrew, which has been established by Sam Lee and Frankie for nearly 20 years. This collaboration brings a new way of playing and feeling to NFT holders and enthusiasts.


SUNDAYZOO is a blend of art, creativity, and is a must-watch for anyone interested in NFT projects. 


With the involvement of prominent artists and collaboration with a well-established brand, SUNDAYZOO is can bring something new and exciting to the world of NFTs.




Project Name: Another Life by Violetta Zironi

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Feb 15

Mint Price: 0.09 ETH (Supply 5220)

Twitter Followers: 50.4K

Discord Members: 1.1K


Why did we pick it?

Violetta Zironi, a web3 independent music artist, is making waves in the NFT world with the launch of her latest collection, Another Life. 


This NFT album showcases Violetta’s innovative approach to music and her determination to push the boundaries of the industry.


Another Life consists of five original songs that were recorded live using 1950s tape machines and paired with one of the 5200 PFPs, which were inspired by Violetta and illustrated by the talented Italian artist Arianna Rea, who has worked with Disney, Marvel, and DC. 


The collection conceptualizes Violetta’s journey as a globe-trotting music artist who is willing to take risks to find a way to express herself and innovate.


By owning a piece of this unique collection, holders are eligible for exciting benefits such as free airdrops, virtual shows, discounted or free vinyl records and prints of the artworks, free access to live concerts, and even the chance to book Violetta for an in-person performance. 


This gamification of frame collection sets Another Life apart from other NFT projects and provides a truly immersive experience for NFT lovers and music fans alike.


Worth looking!

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