NFT.Brasil shakes SP with more than 500 digital works, 150 artists, augmented and virtual reality, among other attractions


The Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion (Biennial Pavilion), at Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo (SP), is the address of NFT.Brasil, the first international exhibition held in the capital of São Paulo and the main event in the segment in the country that aims to boost non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ). NFT.Brasil takes place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June and tickets, sold at NFTs, cost R$ 30 for the exhibition, R$ 120 for lectures and exhibition and R$ 300 for the three days of the event, which will be a hybrid , that is, it can also be accessed in the metaverse through  website  of the event.
NFT.Brasil, which should receive around 30,000 people, will promote lectures and debates by more than 100 specialists from Brazil and abroad. The event will have two main environments and other annexes: the International Exhibition of NFTs that will present the 'Educational Expo' – where concepts and chronology of the emergence of the internet will be presented, the new tools of  Web3 ; the 'Expo Artística e Interativa' – curated by more than 150 national and international artists and 50 collections of works in NFT; 'Expo Imersiva' – a space with more than 100m² to promote a sensory experience with immersive art; the 'VR/AR Gaming Space', with the discovery of new realities; a space dedicated to exhibitors; and shows at happy hours with a musical program and artistic interventions after the day's activities to strengthen the Web3 community connection and networking among participants.
At the head of the organization are Marco Affonseca, manager of MAAC Hub, an innovation house focused on Web3 and NFT located in São Paulo; Edvam Filho, co-founder of NFT.Rio and Carabela, co-founder of NFT.Rio; Lucas Santiago, founder of NFT.Brasil and director at Carabela; and Bob Burnquist, world skateboarding legend and partner of NFT.Brasil.

For them, NFT.Brasil intends to open space, connect, build and strengthen communities of digital artists and Web3 builders in the country. This is what Edvam Filho highlighted when he said that “we want the event to be the main aggregator of communities and projects in the area, stimulating national protagonism in the global scene and provoking Brazilian society to think about desirable futures based on these new technologies.”  
Lucas Santiago, in turn, commented that "the event will be a great moment of connections for those who seek to be in the know and for those who are already building Web3 in Brazil and in the World" while Marco Affonseca emphasized the mission of NFT.Brasil is to promote an experience from the perspective of the journey of the different audiences by emphasizing that “the proposal is to be present in the journey of the different audiences, providing moments of connection between the NFT universe, the brands and the different profiles of the public that will visit the Bienal in this first meeting of many to come."


The main NFT collectibles in the world will be present at the first international NFT exhibition held in São Paulo: Bored Apes Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Where My Vans Go, Nouns, Clonex, Doodles, Otherdeed + Koda, Burned Picasso, Moonbirds, Cool Cats, Carpoolers, Surf Junkies, Cryptorastas, among others.
CryptoPunks, Surf Junkie Club and Nouns are among the collections of NFTs that will be exhibited at the Biennial Pavilion. Image: Disclosure/NFT.Brasil


With the aim of positioning national artists and connecting the international NFTs scene, the curatorship of NFT.Brasil will present more than 70 Brazilian artists from different cities in the country, highlighting the diversity and quality of the works created by artists such as Ottis, Pessanha, Fesq, Priscila Nassar, Elektra, Maria Mario, Taís Koshino, Uno de Oliveira, Monica Rizzoli, Marlus, Monica Piloni, Calvet, Jmarinovfx.Eth, Noinah, Erick (snowfro), Deekay, Marc Tudisco, Vinnie Hager, among others.
In addition to this team of artists, the curatorship, by Ricardo Peterson, Mariana Braoio and BRPunk, also has the launch of some NFT collections such as Indigenas.Art, a collection of indigenous artists that is using the NFT as a way to promote and commercialize their works of art.

Bob Burniquist 

The skater, one of the thinking minds behind the event, will also officially launch his NFTs collection at the event in partnership with the brand Reserva. Following the “phigital” concept, the collection seeks to unite the physical with the digital with personalized shapes and their digital versions. The skateboard decks will be hand painted and signed by Bob Burnquist. Afterwards, they will be marketed through NFTs with the originality verified using blockchain technology.
“We are launching a project with the Pistol Birds of the Reserve and each NFT will be a unique piece of art of mine. Lots of art in shape. We will have an immersive and very cool exhibition that will be launched firsthand at NFT.Brasil”, he explained.

Marcello Serpa

On Sunday, June 4, at 11:30 am, Marcello Serpa, one of the most awarded and recognized publicists in the global creative industry, former partner, president and creative director of the AlmapBBDO agency, will give a lecture on the main stage of NFT.Brasil .
Next, Serpa will be on the Panel: “Collections: communities, brands, clubs and a world of opportunities with NFTs”, alongside Lara Azevedo, head of marketing at Beck's; by Felipe Baracchini, one of the founders of the Surf Junkie Club, an NFT project that offers exclusive experiences to surfers from all over the world; and Mariana Salles, partner of the largest wave and wind forecast platform in Brazil, Surfguru.
In addition to the lecture and participation in the debate on collectibles, Marcello Serpa will also present the project where he is a founding partner named Surf Junkie Club - a community of surf lovers that aims to offer exclusive experiences to surfers from all over the world, such as access to wave pools, resorts and boats in international surf spots, as well as content and a marketplace with official brand products, Serpa signs a collection of illustrations that are the NFT credentials used to be part of the club. 
“For someone who graduated in design in the 1980s, when computers didn't even exist, to be able to work today and create in NFTs is very interesting. It is possible to create several works with this technology and format. In addition to good results in terms of remuneration, purchase, blockchain technology, combined with design, is fascinating to me, he evaluated. 


G10 Favelas

With the aim of promoting inclusion and access to the universe of NFTs, based on an unprecedented partnership between NFT.Brasil and G10 Favelas (the largest group of favelas in the world), young people from the peripheral regions of São Paulo will be able to get to know and discover a little more about the segment during the event. Part of the proceeds will go to communities located in São Paulo that are part of the G10 Favelas to provide an education environment focused on engaging young people from the periphery in the world of NFT and its applicability. In addition, event organizers will revert part of the event's revenue to investments in shares in the G10 favelas.


Among the speakers confirmed by the curatorship, by Guta Nascimento and Fernando Souza, are  Bob Burnquist, world skateboarding legend who will participate in the panel "NFTs and the future of sports - The game is changing", on June 2nd, and will perform the official launch of his collection of NFTs in partnership with Reserva. The name that confirmed his presence at the event was Marcello Serpa, one of the most awarded and recognized advertisers in the Latin creative industry, who recently participated in the creation and launch of the Surf Junks collection, which brings together a community of surf lovers. Antônia Souza, who led the strategy of the metaverse team in Latin America at Meta, where he established himself as an expert on the subject in the region; Felipe Cabral, B2B Product Manager at Mercado Bitcoin and founder of Banco Aberto; Carl Amorim, founder of the Blockchain Research Institute in Brazil, creator of the Blockchain Hub Brasil and the Blockcahin Business Review Magazine; Larissa Barros, founder of Agenda Crypto and crypto and web3 coordinator at Favela Inc, a technology hub in Vidigal; Guta Nascimento, journalist specializing in onboarding in Web3, Blockchain and Metaverso. She was the director of CLAUDIA Magazine. In television, he worked at Jornal Nacional, Jornal da Globo and Jornal Hoje, on TV Globo. Based in New York, she participated in major international coverage such as the Kosovo War; Kei Shiozawa, founder and creator of the Criptoninja Group, has solid experience in the cryptocurrency market and is considered one of the greatest specialists in this market in Brazil; Juliano Kimura, twice elected best social media professional by ABCOMM, best Social media agency by E-Awards International and two awards at the Social Media Week Awards; Felipe Ribbe, former head of innovation at Clube Atlético Mineiro, a club that pioneered web3 initiatives in sports. 


NFT.Brasil also has an educational nature, curated by Br Punk, which involves a partnership with the São Paulo Municipal Department of Education, offering free access to 3,000 students from the city hall and 500 from EJA – Education for Youth and Adults.
The presentation of technology to these students already begins in the classroom, with an introductory and very didactic booklet on what web 3 and NFT is, produced by the organization of the event, so that all students and teachers can learn a little more of technology. The extension of this will happen at the event itself, with presentations and technical explanations, in addition to recreational exhibitions. 
“The participation and access of students to events that expand their cultural and technological knowledge is of great importance. This is another opportunity for students from the municipal network to learn more about technology”, defined the Municipal Secretary of Education, Fernando Padula. 
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