[Axie Infinity] Lunacian Summer Art Contest

[Axie Infinity]


Hello Lunacians!


To celebrate Lunacian summer, we’re hosting a summer-themed art contest! The prize pool is stacked, consisting of: 1700 AXS, 1 Mystic + 6 Origin Axies, Summer Axies, and more!


Our community artists produce so much awesome content and this challenge will help showcase their skills through some sweaty/friendly competition.


Special thanks to community members Artic (summer axies) and Coco (Mystic + Origins axies) for contributing to the prize pool!



📝 How to Enter 📝

Your submission must include one of the two Axies in the banner above (only needs to include the parts shown), or any 6/6 Summer Axie (even if it has not been bred, theory crafting is great!)


Your submissions can be drawings, paintings, music, sculptures, 3d printing, or animations!


Upload it on Twitter with the hashtag #AxieSummer


Submit your information through the application form:  



💸 Prize Pool: 1700 AXS + More 💸

🎁 1st: 500 AXS +1 Mystic + 3 Origin axies + Art feature at AxieCon + additional surprise


🎁 2nd: 250 AXS + 2 Origin axies + Art feature at Axiecon + additional surprise


🎁 3rd: 200 AXS + 1 Origin axie + feature at Axiecon + additional surprise


🎁 4th: 150 AXS + feature at Axiecon + additional surprise


🎁 5th: 100 AXS + feature at Axiecon +additional surprise


🎁 6-10th: 40 AXS Each + feature at Axiecon


🎁 11-25th: 10 AXS Each + feature at Axiecon


🎁 26-50th: 4 AXS Each


🎁 51-100th: 1 AXS Each



⏰ Entry Deadline ⏰

9:00PM EST on Sunday August 21st, 2022



📖 Judging 📖

Judging will be based on the sole judgment of a few key community members including Artic, Cloudwhite, QU3ST, Lynn, and some esteemed creators. In order to be eligible to win, you must allow us to utilize your work for digital & physical promotional and sales usage.


After making your fan art, follow these steps:


1️⃣ Post your fan art on Twitter with the hashtag #AxieSummer


2️⃣ Submit your application to:


3️⃣ Follow @AxieInfinity & @QU3ST_io on Twitter



❓ FAQ ❓

Q: I don’t have axies. Can I still participate?


A: Yes! You only need a Ronin Wallet to participate.


Q: Do I have to submit to both the Application and Twitter?


A: Yes! You MUST submit both. Otherwise, we cannot give you any rewards.


Q: Can I use any axies for the contest?


A: Yes, but you MUST include one of the axies in the banner above, or a 6/6 Summer axie. 


Q: How will I know if I won?


A: We will be posting the results on Twitter a few weeks after the deadline!


Q: How will I receive my AXS reward?


A: We will send the $AXS to the Ronin wallet you put in the application. So make sure to fill it out!


Q: Can I submit multiple entries?


A: Yes, but only one entry can win a prize.

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