"Suki Moon is a collection of 10000 Suki Warriors on the Solana Blockchain that come from the mystical lands that lie southeast of the Ushinatta river. The Suki Warriors comprise of 120+ traits ensuring each Suki is completely unique and has their own story to tell. These Suki Warriors, masters of the art of war and stealth, were forged by the iron fist of the Suki Tribe who had spent thousands of years hidden from the rest of the world. Each Suki was forced to train day and night to master their craft with only the best making it through to the ranks of Suki Warrior. Their story however, has just begun! The Legend of Suki Moon will be revealed through an NFT based comic released by the team. Suki Moon NFTs will be stakeable for $SUKI which will play an integral role in the Suki universe and to leave your mark in The Legend of Suki Moon! The Legend of Suki Moon is about to unfold, what part will you play?"
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