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Clash of NFT is a cross-IP game focused on fast-paced PvP for the Multiverse allowing holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other to win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics and innovative gameplay. Developed by an experienced Turkish game studio for more than 1 year, CON distinguishes from other Web3 gaming projects for seeing the future of GameFi in the hands of DAO instead of institutions.



The current state of the NFT space feels very siloed, there is still little collaboration between different collections, and to our knowledge no platform where different IPs from different collections can interact with each other. We see this as a challenge that is preventing the NFT space from growing into something more and its a problem that we want to solve with CON but instead of creating new utility-based collections, we want to create and add utility for existing NFT avatar collections like the Azuki and the BAYC.



CON's mission is to be the Nintendo of Web3, but instead of franchises coming together in a closed loop we believe in the interoperability of digital assets in a truly open ecosystem where the players, instead of the company own the IP. That’s why we are creating a cross-IP game platform for the NFT Universe where different IPs from different collections can interact with each other in a meaningful way.



By authenticating your NFT assets, you can bring NFT avatar into the game world. The elements of your avatar will be reflected in the leaderboard, confrontation information etc.


Also, by authenticating the land NFT in CON, you will get an equivalent piece of land that can be used in the game to produce tokens. This is how we bring utilities to the existing NFT projects.



Heroes form the basic block to our game, and we aim to integrate as many of the PFP collections into our game as possible which allows an ever-increasing userbase and our game modes is designed to optimise for this outcome. We will be working towards having a unique in-game character for every single unique NFT in our collection. Heroes in CON come from 5 different races, namely Humans, Elves, Orcs, Son of Light and Shadow Messenger . As a general rule the rarer the race of the fighter is, the stronger it will be in battle.



The CON world provides infrastructure for PFP holders to explore as their personalized avatar within the dedicated metaverse - from intricate worlds to jaw-dropping landscapes and architecture owned by players and DAOs, all powered by a decentralized ledger for land ownership and Metaverse assets. Players can battle as their PFP avatar in specific game modes/events, explore owned establishments and faction bases, and socialize with others in their avatar form with the CON world.


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