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What is P2E in gaming?

P2E games are slowly becoming the trend of future game development, so people can't help but be confused: what is a P2E game?

The full name of P2E games is called Play to Earn games, which refers to the virtual game that players obtain rewards that can be converted into encrypted token games by doing tasks or player-to-player battles, etc. Among these games, some games require players to make an early investment in tokens or NFTs to achieve profit in the later stage, while some games choose to let players experience the game itself through a free trial in the game, and then let players invest earn cryptocurrency.

What is the best P2E game?

For the P2E game itself, what elements can it have to be called an excellent P2E game?

Taking Axie Infinity as an example, the following three elements can be analyzed:

1. Interesting settings. In a game with a Play to Earn structure like Axie Infinity, players can purchase Axies, a magical creature inspired by Pokémon, as well as land and various in-game items. In the game, players can even build an army of Axies to fight other players in turn-based battles. Not only that, but players' Axies can breed the next generation, which means players can build stronger teams or sell these magical creatures for rewards.

2. The high degree of fit between games and blockchain technology. The most important thing in Axie Infinity is that the blockchain technology guarantees players' absolute ownership and control of game assets. Play to Earn allows players' game assets to be no longer limited to the game itself, but can be converted into digital assets. It shows that the blockchain technology fits perfectly with the game mechanism of Play to Earn.

3. Efficient conversion of digital assets. There are a large number of players in Axie Infinity who make a living. In developing countries such as the Philippines, P2E games like Axie Infinity have become a way to replace their livelihoods. The feature of playing and earning makes a large number of players pour into the game for the purpose of making money. Players construct Axies and virtual land in their accounts as NFTs to freely trade and profit in the market.

What is P2E NFT game?

In P2E (Play to Earn) games, NFTs must be mentioned. Games in which in-game assets can be converted into NFTs or where in-game assets are themselves NFTs can be understood as P2E (Play to Earn) NFT games. Players obtain assets through various forms such as passing levels, solving tasks, and competitions. These assets can be used to unlock other rewards or sell them in the digital market. Therefore, P2E (Play to Earn) can also be understood as more pay for more play. 

How do you make a P2E game?

So how is a P2E game born? This is a topic of increasing interest. The birth of P2E games is roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Birth of the game concept. That is to determine the direction of the game you want to build, understand the market and find out competitors, and put together creative ideas into a complete game concept.

2. Design the game experience. Design what the player can do in the game and how to bring a good interactive experience to the player.

3. Build the initial game. After determining the game concept and game experience, develop an initial game framework and add Web3 functionality to this game framework.

4. NFTs are integrated into the game. As a P2E (Play to Earn) game, the most important thing is how to convert in-game assets and personal digital assets into each other, so it is very important to integrate NFTs into games.

5. Build smart contracts. Smart contracts are the key to running and balancing game economics. The success of a P2E game depends on whether the game is fair, so the rational deployment of smart contracts is also the key to building a P2E game.

6. Integrate smart contracts. After the previous steps are completed, the creation of a simple P2E (Play to Earn) game can be completed by integrating the smart contract.

The conclusion

With the rapid development of concepts such as Metaverse, NFT, and GameFi, everyone has the potential to become a beneficiary in this era. In this situation, the most important thing is not to get carried away by the huge profits, and we have to think carefully about what this means for players.

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