Wallet for beginners in blockchain - TP wallet tutorial

TP wallet official website: www.tokenpocket.pro

1. How to download the wallet
1. Open the TP official website www.tokenpocket.pro and select the mobile phone system to download and install.

2. Android users can download and install directly. Apple users support App Store version and Testflight version. The tutorial takes Testflight version as an example:


2. Polkadot wallet creation
1. Open the TP wallet application, select [I don't have a wallet] for new user registration, and select [Polkadot] in the selection list to create.

2. The wallet name is set by the registered user; after setting the password, click [Create Wallet] to enter the backup wallet prompt interface, carefully read the precautions and select [I know] to enter the mnemonic backup interface.

3. The backup of mnemonic phrases is very important. Choose an appropriate way to backup, and make sure not to lose or leak. The TP wallet is a decentralized wallet, and the private key is held by the user, so no one can help retrieve the assets except the user himself. After backup of the mnemonic phrase and secondary verification, click the [Confirm] option at the bottom to complete the wallet creation.

4. The creation of a Polkadot wallet is very simple. After the creation is completed, you can enter the wallet asset interface. After the version that supports Polkadot is launched, you only need to click the [Discover] menu to experience various tools or DApps of Polkadot.

3. Private key, Keystore export
Open the wallet, click [Details] in the upper right corner of the blue area, and in the wallet details interface, you can choose to export the mnemonic, private key, and keystore. ( Mnemonic phrases, private keys, and keystore are all "keys" for our daily import and management of assets, and are very important private information, so we must backup them to a safe place after exporting, so as not to lose or leak .)

4. How to import Polkadot wallet
When an old Polkadot user uses TP for the first time, after opening the wallet, select [I have a wallet] , and use the mnemonic, private key, etc. to import and manage assets; after opening the wallet, users can select the first icon [Add wallet] in the upper right corner, In the selection wallet system, select [Polkadot] to import, and enter the mnemonic, private key, etc.

5. How to pledge to vote
1. After completing the above operations, the user opens the TP Polkadot wallet, clicks the [Receipt] option, and copies the payment address.

2. Open Huobi, click [Withdraw] , select the DOT chain and paste the address. Enter the withdrawal amount (not less than 201),   confirm [withdrawal] .

3. Confirm the withdrawal address and quantity again (the wrong transfer cannot be retrieved) , and pass the verification SMS and email. Make sure that the verification is correct and submit, and the transfer can be completed.

4. Click to return to the Polkadot wallet (the balance has increased at this time), click [Pledge Vote], and bind the DOT balance.

5. Search for the node [THE SEVENTH CONTINENT] in the search box on the right side of the validator, and check the node.

6. Confirm Nomination and check Nominated to see if OK is selected.

7. There are multiple choices for node voting, please continue to check:

  • TPKL.Earth
  • Web3 Venture Capital
  • Listen
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