Mocaverse Initiates MOCA Coin Airdrop, Enabling Moca NFT And Moca ID Holders To Claim Their Tokens

Mocaverse Initiates MOCA Coin Airdrop, Enabling Moca NFT And Moca ID Holders To Claim Their Tokens




Web3 project Mocaverse (MOCA), created by game software company and venture capital firm Animoca Brands, announced the commencement of the MOCA Coin airdrop. Eligible holders of Moca non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Moca IDs will be able to claim their airdrop starting on July 11th.


The distribution of MOCA tokens for Moca NFT holders is segmented into three parts. One-third of the allocation is unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE), another portion vests each week over almost a year, starting three months following the TGE, and the remaining portion is set aside for future incentives related to Moca NFTs.


For the first tranche unlocked at TGE, Moca NFT holders will have two claim options: Claim Now or Claim Extra. Selecting Claim Now means users will receive 100% of the eligible MOCA tokens immediately at TGE. Opting for Claim Extra offers additional MOCA tokens as a bonus, with most of the allocation available for claiming at a later time. However, holders selecting Claim Extra can also claim a portion of the allocation before it is listed.


Users are advised to register their decisions by 4 am UTC on July 11th, after which the default option will be set to “Claim Now.”


Meanwhile, Moca ID holders will experience two rounds of airdrops. Round 1 of the airdrop requires a threshold of 1,500 Realm Points (RP). A tier-based system has been introduced based on RP balances, with token distribution varying across tiers. Notably, Round 1 does not mark the conclusion, as holders may potentially benefit twice if they do not unstake their Round 1 Moca ID Airdrop tokens before Round 2. The second round aims to expand its reach to a broader audience, with more details about eligibility expected to be released soon.


Moca ID holders are required to complete registration on the designated website by 4 am UTC on July 11th to ensure receipt of MOCA tokens at the TGE.



Mocaverse Drives Moca Network With MOCA Token, Enabling User Engagement With Consumer DApps


MOCA Coin is an omni-chain token introduced by the Moca Foundation. 53% of the MOCA Coin supply is designated for the community, highlighting its community-focused tokenomics.


Mocaverse is integrating MOCA Coin to drive the Moca Network, an interoperable consumer network supported by a diverse ecosystem of over 450 companies seeded by Mocaverse and Animoca Brands. Through MOCA Coin, users can access and engage with consumer decentralized applications (dApps) within the Moca Network, spanning cultural sectors such as gaming, sports, music, and intellectual property. This functionality is enabled by Mocaverse’s interoperable infrastructure layer, which includes Account, Identity, Points, and Reputation systems.

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