Bitcoin Ordinals set to cease existing: developer addresses vulnerability

Bitcoin Ordinals set to cease existing: developer addresses vulnerability





The Bitcoin community is abuzz as the ORDI token, based on the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, skyrockets, becoming the first BRC-20 token to breach a $1 billion market cap after an 850% monthly gain.


However, underlying this success is a brewing controversy, with Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr raising alarms about an exploitation vulnerability affecting the blockchain.




What are Bitcoin Ordinals?


Bitcoin Ordinals represent a pioneering concept in the cryptocurrency sphere, serving as the equivalent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Every satoshi, the smallest Bitcoin unit, is assigned a serial number or ordinal based on its mining order. This ordinal is crucial for tracking satoshi ownership and history.


The Ordinals protocol allows for the inscription of additional content directly onto satoshis. This process, known as inscribing, enables the creation of unique digital assets, including NFTs, leveraging the security and decentralization of the Bitcoin blockchain. However, controversy surrounds Ordinals, with some viewing the activity akin to spam, leading to concerns over its impact on the Bitcoin network.


While Ordinals have gained popularity for NFT creation, their utilization extends beyond this realm. Ordinals’ ability to embed data directly into the Bitcoin blockchain without relying on secondary protocols distinguishes them from other blockchain-based NFTs. The controversy surrounding their potential cessation raises questions about the future landscape of token creation and digital asset innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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