How Shiba Inu’s Play-2-Earn Game Tests Shiboshis NFT Utility



  • Shiba Eternity game to have a rental system for Shiboshis NFT.
  • Shiboshis NFT floor price just recovered from a three-month low.
  • Discord leaks unveil unexpected utility cases for Shiboshis.



The Shibarium Technology moderator team held a Twitter Spaces dedicated to its founder, Ryoshi. Counting over a year since Ryoshi left the Shiba Inu community, a large chunk of SHIB investors are waiting for the blockchain version of the collectible card game.


So far, the mobile version of Shiba Eternity has been a huge success in Vietnam, Australia, and the United States. However, players worldwide are waiting for the blockchain version of the game, which is said to have Play-2-Earn features.



Duels in the Dogjo to Earn Crypto in Shiba Eternity 2.0


The P2E features of the game won’t be available to everyone – only Shiboshis NFT holders can earn crypto prizes. According to the Discord leaks, the developers are working on a rental system for Shiboshis similar to Kibbles in the mobile version.


This way, players can rent out one of the 10,000 limited collection Shiboshis for their gaming experience. Shiboshis NFTs will likely have physical perks in the coming months – Discord rumors suggest a deal with Welly’s, while physical, plush toy Shiboshis are also on the cards.



Shiboshis Price Recovers, Shiba Eternity Tournament on the Way


The Shiba Inu (SHIB) community, popularly known as SHIB Army, has been undergoing trials and tribulations that split the community into two camps. In response, the official moderator team was forced to pause all SHIB Token Discord activity to restore peace of mind.


Indeed, the fiery discussions on Discord triggered the Shiboshis NFT price, which hit a three-month low of 0.24 Ethereum (ETH) just yesterday. However, Shiboshis NFT (SBSH) managed to reclaim a 0.2545-floor price but still trades below $500.



Ultimately, the ambiguity regarding the utility of Shiboshis NFT might end when the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity drops. Meanwhile, loyal members of the SHIB Army are inviting gamers to join the community-organized Shiba Eternity contest next month, which has a prize pool of $1,100 and starts on July 10th, 2023.



On the Flipside


  • Crypto enthusiasts on Twitter are questioning the utility of Shiboshis NFTs since the mobile version doesn’t support them.


Why This Matters


Shiba Inu Ecosystem has been in the works for two years. The success of Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 and blockchain game might be a game-changer for crypto adoption.

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