BSCStation: $ARB Price Predict Event


🚀 $ARB Price Predict Event 🔥

🙌 The 📶Arbitrum hype is over the cloud right now! Let's join our Prediction Event and claim valuable rewards!


🎁 Reward: 100 USDT
🧙‍♂️ The Prophet: 10 USDT/ each for 10 correct or closest predicts (lower only) of $ARB's highest price on Mar 26th


⏰ Time: 7 AM March 22nd - 5 PM March 24th, 2023 (UTC)


🧩 Rule:

💠 Predict the highest price of $ARB on Mar 26th, 2023 in this Tweet

💠 Follow BSCStation Twitter

💠 Follow BSCStation on CoinMarketCap

💠 We will announce the winners and request the participants send the wallet address to receive the reward.


📌 Note

❇️ Each player can only answer once. We will select the first reply if the participant answers multiple times.
📈 Snapshot from Binance chart
❇️ The result will be the highest price on only Mar 26th, ATH from previous days will not be counted
❇️ The decision of BSCStation is final in all case

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