A large-scale project dedicated to NFT and contemporary art was presented at the Moscow gallery "Here on Taganka"


The exhibition has become a unique phenomenon for Moscow, as it is the only offline project on the topic of new technology within the walls of the gallery space. It featured both material and digital works. from February 18 to March 12, the exposition “NFT. We'll have to go” was visited by more than two thousand people.





More than 100 works by emerging and already eminent Russian artists made up the exposition of the exhibition, including the NFT project of the singer Katya IOWA. Walking through the territory of the exhibition, one could get a detailed idea of how the art industry is developing at the moment, and how quickly the trends are changing.


Contemporary and modern art united on one platform in various areas of art: painting, graphics, sculpture, installations, digital and video art. NFT exhibits were also presented.


Many material works have continued in the digital world. Next to some exhibits there was a monitor with a demonstration of the digital part of the work. Next to the others, there was a QR code, by which one could view the work on their phone or go up to the second floor, where the same works were shown through a projector.


Exhibition “NFT. We'll Have to Move" brought together artists who combine different techniques and work with modern materials.


Among them was Kirill Rave, an artist who combines digital and material. His work is permeated with the search for his place in this hybrid environment. He is a participant of the Biennale in Germany, Spain, Moscow and Chuvashia from 2017 to 2022. In 2020, he was a nominee for the 1st Moscow Art Prize, and in 2022 he became the winner of the media artist competition at the Zifergauz Gallery.


The exhibition also featured the work of one of the brightest representatives of the Moscow art community Brickspacer - the founder and promoter of the crypto-art movement in Russia. Antonio Lebedef, creator of the glitch surrealism art movement, also supported the project with his work.


Alexey Kessel provided for the exhibition a whole series of works in the technique of classical oil painting, but at the same time so reminiscent of digital works that it was difficult to understand the origin of the paintings at first glance.


A kind of ironic response, with a certain skepticism to everything that happens in contemporary art, was the work of Sergei Rozhin, the author of the blog Slaves of Malevich. Sergey explores culture and generates memes, works with kitsch and popular culture, creates visual statements about the generation that grew up in the atmosphere of post-Soviet Russia.


The works of a young but already gaining popularity media artist Artem Tkach were also presented at the exhibition. He has already shown his expositions at international exhibitions in Beijing, Dubai, Israel and many other countries. Ruslan Vyaltsev, with his bright and recognizable style, also supported the project. Ruslan is a digital artist and art director at the 2MRW studio. He curates NFT projects and has done work for Reebok, Farfetch, Lady Gaga and Mel C.


Artists Nikita Makeev and Pavel Sazykin performed an installation created specifically for the exhibition. Their installation "One and Three Digital Chairs" was a reference to the classic conceptual work of Joseph Kossuth, reimagined in the light of new realities.


“This is the second NFT exhibition. And we want to implement such projects every year. The first was educational and introduced viewers to both the technology itself and its application in art. The second is research. We tried to analyze the change in technologies in general, and NFT technologies in particular, in an attempt to predict the future,” said Nikita Makeev, who is also one of the curators of the exhibition.


Many exhibits were presented through collaboration with VS Gallery and Helen Levitt. Project curators: Nikita Makeev, Ksenia Gorbatyuk, Yuliana Mukha.

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