The Sandbox presents MetaResidence One: 1st MetaReal mansion


The Sandbox seemingly takes an immense amount of pride in introducing MetaResidence One. This is the first unique open house experience for many. This happens to be the very first MetaReal mansion. This ambitious project is all about a real-world and freshly built home situated in Miami, Florida. A replication of the same happens to be in The Sandbox metaverse. According to sources from their camp, this will indeed turn out to be an absolutely surreal experience for all of those who visit. 


MetaReal is proof that there are no bounds to the possibilities of Metaverse. Whether a newcomer or an experienced player, all are welcome to the MetaReal world and discover the virtual property.


So far as this very prestigious project goes, every single detail has been carefully and closely looked into, beginning with the living room itself. There has been the aesthetically placed NFT collections adorning the walls, as well as the sheer magnificence of the furnishing that has been provided. It actually seems to be leaving nothing for the asking. 


Once one exits the precincts of the house, the way the landscaping has been arranged and presented happens to be completely awe-inspiring. There also happens to be plenty of opportunities for the completion of quests, along with the option of being able to take an active part in the playing of games that lie within the boundaries of the property. One has only to choose. 


MetaResidence One undoubtedly happens to be an absolute landmark project from all angles. It has been successful in pointing out the very power and capabilities that are possessed by the Metaverse. In the case scenario of a regular visitor to the Sandbox or just a visitor wanting to get the feel, there happens to be every promise and assurance that he will be left completely mesmerized by this first-ever experience. It will be available for public scrutiny between the 16th and 22nd of March, 2023. 

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