Developer of Brazilian blockchain game set in Rio favela launches collection of NFTs of game characters


Brazilian developer First Phoenix Studio launched last Friday (10) the collection of non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) “A Rebelião dos Crias.” Cryptoassets represent the 5,500 playable characters of  blockchain game  Rio-X, which is expected to be released in the second half of this year.


The survival game of the FPS type, a shooter game from the player's point of view, in the translation of the acronym in English, is set in Morro do Vidigal, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in the scenario of a post-apocalyptic Brazil, where the spread of an infectious disease causes sufferers to behave unconsciously and aggressively, to the point of attacking other people. 


Image: Disclosure/First Phoenix Studio


To suppress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls and now those inside cannot go out and those outside cannot enter. The game pits teams against each other for resources and players will fight each other while collecting survival items in the setting. 


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One of them is the RioCoin, a rare item in the game that can be found on the map and also dropped by a cargo plane. RioCoin can be consumed within the game as a currency or be mined outside of it through the RIO-X Portal, a web platform for social interaction that will also be responsible for converting the item to the RIOX token. 


What will happen through the management of blockchain technology allowing players holding NFT's to enjoy an economic ecosystem in and out of the game, according to what the project developer said. 


Jhoniker Braulio, CEO of  First Phoenix Studio, noted that he has followed the growing expansion of web 3.0 and its relationship with the gaming world and metaverse while working on implementing game goals. 


“We were fascinated with the infinite possibilities that this technology could add to the game, after all our game was already ready to be used and with a competitive advantage, because the play to earn games on the web 3.0 were sinning a lot - focused only on the distribution of rewards and forgetting to develop a game that was really fun”, he said.


A starting point for Rio-X, the NFTs from the "A Rebellião dos Crias" collection allow players to have access to an exclusive area within the game and resources for consumption or extraction of RioCoin, in addition to offering benefits such as: participation in the form of votes in decision-making through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO ); weapon skins from the Lady Blood collection; soulbound token, a unique identifier that cannot be sold or transferred, with the use of a key to access restricted areas in and out of the game; Exclusive access to competitive tournaments, organized by partners; early access to the beta version of the game; access to exclusive draws and prizes; possibility of using the staking feature to obtain income; exclusive discounts on partner marketplaces; Guaranteed spot when purchasing other RIO-X products; between others.


Also keeping an eye on the NFT gaming market is Argentine star Lionel Messi, who  took the field with a $21 million investment in a soccer game startup , as reported by the  Cointelegraph Brazil .

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