NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (13–20 Jan)


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Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: Kooky Kats


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 20


Mint Price: 0.029 ETH (Supply 5K)


Twitter Followers: 24.4K


Discord Members: 12.5K


Why did we pick it?

Kooky Kats is worth your attention for this week.


Kooky Kats is a community-focused project with real-world application. The project’s mission is to attract creators with a passion for growth, lifelong learning, and impacting both Web2 and Web3. It’s a community and home for everyone, whether you’re a creator or a collector.


One of the key features of Kooky Kats is the 5000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that live on the Ethereum blockchain.


The number 5 is representative of the kats lives, and the idea is to adopt one so they don’t lose another life.


The team behind Kooky Kats has hand-drawn and designed a unique set of traits tailored toward every scenario. These traits represent the kats life journey from the streets, all the way to adoption and living in their new home.



Project Name: Aerial Explorers


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 20


Mint Price: Free Mint (Supply 5K)


Twitter Followers: 23.8K


Discord Members: -


Why did we pick it?

Aerial Explorers is one of the most exciting NFT projects to pay attention to this week.


The Aerial Explorers are a series of adventurous on-chain 3D heroes that inspire adventure and care for our planet.


The project is created by the Aerial team that has already built web3 tools used by Moonbirds, PROOF, Deadfellaz, Calvin Harris, Pepsi, Levi’s, and countless others.


The Aerial Explorers project offers a world of vibrant possibilities, powered by a series of epic on-chain 3D heroes that inspire adventure and appreciation of our natural world.


This project is expected to be an immersive and interactive experience that allows players to explore the world and unlock new adventures.


The project is designed to appeal to a wide range of people with different interests, with a sub-community for everyone, including astronauts, divers, surfers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, and more.


The Aerial Explorers project is not just limited to the digital world, it also has a strong focus on environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging the players to explore and appreciate the natural world.



Project Name: PORSCHΞ 911


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 23


Mint Price: TBA (Supply 7500)


Twitter Followers: 42.0K


Discord Members: 19.1K


Why did we pick it?

Porsche 911 is by far the most hyped project among NFT projects this week.


Luxury car manufacturer Porsche has entered the Web3 space by launching its own NFT collection, which includes 7,500 pieces of exclusive digital collectibles designed around the classic Porsche 911 model.


The Porsche team collaborated with Hamburg-based designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel, who will craft each NFT.


One of the unique features of this collection is that buyers will be able to dictate the design of their individual NFTs by selecting a particular ‘route’ from Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage.


Each of these routes will highlight a specific component of Porsche’s brand identity, which will be reflected through the design and character of the NFT.


After a user purchases an NFT, Vogel will work on their input and design each NFT as a special 3D asset in Unreal Engine 5. Owners will also get exclusive access to virtual and real-life events.


This is Porsche’s big move into the web3 space, and the company is also seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into its business and operations.


More specifically, the company is considering shifting the Porsche purchasing experience and supply chain management onto the blockchain. The team is also exploring matters of sustainability through the web3 lens.


The company has adopted several advertising avenues to promote its NFT drop, including organizing a panel on November 30 at The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis, a five-day festival taking place during Art Basel Miami 2022.


During the panel, Porsche team member and visual artist Vexx will discuss the brand’s entry into the Web3 space. Furthermore, the team will also be unveiling an exclusive art installation at the event to launch Porsche’s The Art of Dreams campaign.


In summary, Porsche 911 is the most hyped project among NFT projects this week because of its luxury brand, the unique features of being able to dictate the design of their individual NFTs, the exclusive access to virtual and real-life events, and the company’s big move into the web3 space and the focus on incorporating blockchain technology and sustainability.


The company’s advertising strategy also creates excitement for the project.



Project Name: MarsMasks


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 24


Mint Price: 0.07 ETH (Supply 999)


Twitter Followers: 97.2K


Discord Members: 48.0K


Why did we pick it?

MarsMasks is another NFT project for this week to pay attention to.


Marsmasks are a collection of 999 avatars based on the Visual Identification System (VIS), an ad hoc solution to handle situations where colonists of the first wave would find themselves out of contact with each other during intense dust storms.


Every MarsMask is a unique combination of emote faces, stickers, outfits, flags, backgrounds, and lighting that form an individual profile picture (PFP).


The collection represents an individual colonist of the First Wave, the hardiest and most driven of the men and women who came to Mars to build a new future.


The idea of owning an NFT of a first-wave colonist who is a part of building a new future on Mars is intriguing and creates excitement for the project.


Moreover, the project offers additional utilities that make it even more desirable.


All MarsMask NFT owners will get the in-game Mars4 Colonist from the first wave for free.


First-wave colonists are the most experienced explorers with the highest productivity stats, and owning a MarsMask NFT is the only chance to own a legendary colonist from the 1st wave.


Additionally, every MarsMasks owner will get generous discounts for Land or Vehicle NFTs. MarsMask owners will also be automatically applied to win additional Mars4 NFTs after the MarsMasks reveal event.

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