NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (02–09 Jan)

At P2E Game, It is our mission to bring you the latest info about play-to-earn and NFT projects. We publish an article about promising NFT projects every week!


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Here are our picks for this week:

Project Name: Deviants


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 03


Mint Price: 0.06 ETH (Supply 10000)


Twitter Followers: 28.3K


Discord Members: 25.4K


Why did we pick it?

The Deviants is worth discovering this week because it offers a unique in-game experience for players.


Deviants are fully animated 3D characters that are VFX enabled, making for a more immersive gameplay experience. In addition to providing a premium gameplay experience, owning a Deviant also gives players early access to the beta testing phase of the game, as well as the opportunity to unlock exclusive lore and in-game features.


Another reason to discover Deviants this week is the potential for future value.


Deviants can evolve into another Evolved Deviants Collection, and NFT holders will also have the chance to get their own 3D-printed Deviant character models and merchandise.


Additionally, Deviants can be rented or staked for passive income, and holders will receive guaranteed airdrop rewards.


Project Name: THE CAPTAINZ (Memeland)


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 04


Mint Price: 1.07 ETH (9999)


Twitter Followers: 360.4K


Discord Members: 261.9K


Why did we pick it?

The Captainz deserves our attention this week because it offers a unique and highly sought-after collection of utility-enabled PFPs that feature rarity-powered traits inspired by pirates, internet memes, and pop culture.


As the premier collection of Memeland, Captainz represents the highest level of membership and comes with exclusive utilities and perks, including $MEME and Treasure Islandz, which promise to be innovative and highly engaging.


In addition to these exclusive perks, Captainz also has the opportunity to participate in the Memeland DAO, a community-led vehicle for empowering the growth and development of the Memeland ecosystem.


Captainz will have a say in decisions regarding the DAO treasury, governance rules, partnerships, and more, making them an integral part of the Memeland community.


Overall, the Captainz NFT project offers a unique and highly coveted collection of PFPs, as well as the opportunity for members to actively shape the direction of the Memeland ecosystem.


Project Name: charmorigins


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 05


Mint Price: 0.069 ETH (Supply 9639)


Twitter Followers: 30.6K


Discord Members: 12.8K


Why did we pick it?

The charmorigins has the potential to attract traders this week because it offers a collection of charming NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.


With a total of 9639 charming NFTs available, this project is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the allure and uniqueness of NFTs.


In addition to the collection of NFTs, the charmorigins project also boasts a strong and supportive community of creative, ambitious, and powerful individuals.


This community is dedicated to helping its members achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.


Owners of charmorigins NFTs will also have access to financial opportunities with a purpose and real-life impact, as well as access to the charmverse world.


Overall, the combination of charming NFTs, a supportive community, and unique financial opportunities make the charmorigins a worthwhile one to check out this week.


Project Name: zero48


Chain: Ethereum


Mint Date: Jan 07


Mint Price: Free Mint (Supply 8848)


Twitter Followers: 43.5K


Discord Members: 14.4K


Why did we pick it?

This NFT project presents an immersive and compelling narrative set in the year 2048.


In this dystopian world, humanity is facing numerous challenges, including wars, plagues, and manipulative tech giants.


Against protagonist, K, is a seemingly ordinary girl who is just graduating from school and trying to navigate this turbulent world.


However, K has a secret identity as a humanoid robot developed by the Alice Company, a fact known only to the chief scientists.


This intriguing premise is sure to draw the attention of those interested in immersive, story-driven NFT projects.

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