Cryowar is now using Unreal Engine 5


The team behind Cryowar has recently revealed that their upcoming PVP title is now running on Unreal Engine 5.


Cryowar is a 1v1v1 arena brawler that aims to provide skill-based gameplay while offering cross-platform multiplayer, playable using 8 different characters from a top-down perspective. The free-to-play mobile title won’t offer pay-to-win items via its in-game store, putting emphasis on skill through fast-packed action-packed matches that last a couple of minutes. The goal of each match is randomly decided between one of 4 different objectives: last man standing, battle arena, top scorer in 5 minutes and Deathmatch. According to the whitepaper, there will also be 1v1 duels on lands owned by players, and while the game is PVP focused, there are PVE modes planned too, including a co-op survival mode and a co-op boss fight-focused mode.


The main utility deflationary token of the game’s ecosystem is $CWAR, whose main purposes include staking, yield farming, governance voting, purchasing Cryowar NFTs such as character skins and more. 


Previously in development on Unreal Engine 4, the developers have recently revealed the switch to the newer engine, showing gameplay taking place on the Okathan arena running on the Unreal Engine 5. The developers are displaying the game over at this year’s Gamescom where they’re showing exclusive UE5 gameplay to attendees, such as the one down below, with more snippets of the game available on their official Twitter account.



Backed by Animoca Brands, KuCoin Labs, Mechanism Capital, Alameda Research, GD10 Ventures, Master Ventures, Polygon and many more, the blockchain title is slated to officially release for PC, Android and iOS sometime this year.

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