P2E.Game has launched a one-stop platform of NFT and GameFi to build a Web3.0 portal


After several rounds of internal testing and optimization, P2E.Game, the one-stop aggregation platform for GameFi and NFT, has officially launched its Beta version, introducing four sections : Launchpad, Game Library, NFT aggregator, and News Section, reshaping the relationship between players, project parties, and platform to promote the win-win cooperation of three parties.


In order to accelerate global development and expansion, P2E.Game initiates a marketing plan by inviting high-quality projects to seek strategic partnerships with major projects and inviting influencers to co-market, so as to provide the most comprehensive knowledge about IDO/IGO, building the all-in-one GameFi and NFT information aggregator, and presenting gaming strategies that users would find most helpful.


P2E.Game launches the function of Launchpad. The Launchpad on P2E.Game enables one terminal to operate multiple platforms. Users can easily find scores and comparisons on various dimensions of different launchpads, such as platform token prices, market cap, TVL, trading volume, IDO project number, and ROI, saving users time by avoiding switching between platforms.


P2E.Game launches the function of the Game Library. In the game library, P2E.Game has collected over 95% of GameFi projects and their data in the market. Accordingly, the technical team and investment research team have launched the Smart model by using AI analysis combined with big data to analyze quality projects through algorithms and display them in the Spotlight section.


On the NFT aggregator, P2E.Game launched NFT rankings as an entry point for players to participate in NFT mint and data analysis. Players can spend less time filtering through better NFT projects by collecting information on the launch time and price of past, current, and upcoming NFT projects, and providing an all-round comparison of trading volume and other criteria as well as whale movements.


In the News section, P2E.Game integrates key news and selected reports from the GameFi and NFT tracks, whether it's about a new investment event or a public test that a project is conducting, giving players early access to valuable information about the industry and faster decision-making.


GameFi and NFT projects are getting rapid development in 2022. The access threshold of projects have been a major factor preventing players from entering. However, P2E.Game, as an early adopter in the industry, discerns the weakness of the industry and launches an optimized platform ecology by collecting the needs of the majority of users. On P2E.Game, users can effortlessly find the scores and comparisons of different GameFi launchpads in terms of ROI or quality of projects, which saves you plenty of time switching between various platforms. The requirements of entry and the time period during which to participate are also provided so that users can track the best chance to earn from IDO with more accurate and comprehensive information.


Users can login in the platform with a low threshold, good using experience, and first-mover advantage of high-quality projects and continuous community marketing using P2E.Game's Web2 and Web3 multi-mode aggregation login functions. P2E.Game has accumulated 100,000 seed users and built eight global language communities in less than one month, covering more than 30 countries around the world.


In the near future, P2E.Game will continue to develop in the fields of NFT and GameFi, further pushing forward the strategic plan, achieving win-win cooperation with different parties so as to build a one-stop tool and information aggregation platform for GameFi and NFT and lead the wave of GameFi.


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